Who are we?

Founded by three partners with over 100 years of investment experience,
Baer Capital Partners delivers high quality financial advisory and investment managment solutions for our clients. The firm was launched in 2006 with our first growth capital Beacon India fund. We continue to believe in the India story and remain sector agnostic and focused on the subcontinent as a firm.

Founded by a set of core values

Baer Capital Partners prides itself on living its core values of integrity, innovation, and trasparency. Having worked together for over a decade, the general partners share the same core values in their commitment to the firm. We embody these core values in identifying and partnering with our investee companies striving to mantain the highest level of corporate governance.

Proprietary Deal Flow

Proven Track Record

Experienced Team

Accomplished Founders

Best in Class

  • Baer Capital Partners strives to deliver high quality investment solutions suitable for institutional investors.
  • The India focused Private Equity Fund is the first investment vehicle sponsored by the firm. Besides this, Baer Capital Partners Ltd. also pursues other global investment opportunities using structured investment vehicles.



Combined Valuation


Billion Dollars



A decade ago, Michael Baer, Brij Singh, and Alok Sama started a firm focused on matching global liquidity with emerging market opportunities. Having not just known each other for years, but leveraging their own respective global experience and networks, the three founding general partners brought exciting investment opportunities to a credible global investor base.

"We've always been bullish..."

Ten years later, we at Baer Capital Partners have a presence ranging from Europe to the Middle East to deep in the subcontinent. With a portfolio diversified over ten sectors and investments focused on early stage companies, our relentless focus on our core values has allowed us to play a critical role in the growth of our investee companies.

With a motivated team on the ground and our companies now having a combined valuation of over $3 billion, Baer Capital Partners is well positioned to capitalize on the numerous opportunites in not just the Indian market, but all emerging markets for the next decade and beyond.

...and we remain bullish at Baer